MPF Conservation works for many institutions in the Western United States, and this page is an introduction to Regional treasures.

These places are seats of regional government, historic churches, museums and homes of persons who are part of regional or national history.

Doe library, right. Below, State of Washington Legislative Campus, Echo Church, and Hearst Castle.

MPFC had the privilege to assess or treat items from the places below, presented on the pages linked. Our Regional institutions:

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Note: Henry Hahn House no longer is an institution with the original furnishings intact, but was treated like one by many previous owners who took pride in its history. Jantzen Beach Carousel is not quite an institution, but as a cultural landmark beloved by the community, we decided to place it here. It is under new ownership and we hope to see it running sometime soon.

Below, Omsi, Fort Vancouver, Fort Dalles Surgeons Quarters, Whatcom Museum,
State of Oregon Capitol Building, and Janzten Beach Carousel.

Note: Images of the exterior of OMSI and the State Capitol Building of Oregon courtesy of Wikipedia. Image of Whatcom courtesy of Wikipedia and the photographer is “Allyn.” Image of Fort Dalles Surgeons Quarters from their site. Image of Fort Vancouver courtesy Wikipedia and the photographer “Jrozwado.”