CRLA NP: Superintendent’s Residence Then and Now

From a few photos taken in 1987, before the restoration, we took similar images and compared them, for fun. Then and now.

Below, the entry as it appeared in 1987. Right and below right, we replaced the entry mirror with the plaque of donors that replicates the style of the mirrors. MPF Conservation, Brian Petrowski and Adam Blankinship are part of history now, shown right.

Below, the Superintendent’s Living Room in 1987 and after the restoration, with the conserved Imperial furniture line. The sofa’s grey-beige mohair showcover is on the cushions, left. We believe the benches were used for meetings.

Below, the Dining Room over the years. The hutch can be seen in the corner of both old and new images, and the big buffet also. Apparently at one time the leather strapping chairs sat around the table, and the benches lived in the Living Room. In the corner is the hutch. (The fridge did not live there but was being moved.) Now the dining table is set to use the benches, right, with strapping chairs as additional seating when it is opened to the fullest capacity. Other leather strapping chairs are used in the library and living room. It is likely the desk was once used in an office upstairs, not in the dining room.

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