Mason Monterey Paddle-arm at the Oregon Caves NM

MPF Conservation conserved and/or restored two dozen pieces of Mason Monterey furniture from the Chateau at the Oregon Caves National Monument (NPS); this page features the Mason Monterey Old Wood Paddle-arm and matching Ottoman, which went back into service in the Chateau on the lobby floor.

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The Old Wood Mason Paddle-arm and Ottoman are shown in storage before treatment, right.

The frames on the Paddle-arm and matching Ottoman were in good condition. The Ottoman was not disassembled as it had no structural issues. The Paddle-arm was compromised is structural issues, and was disassembled for structural and finish treatment.

This chair needed a modification due to the way that visitors actually sit on the chair, shown left, by Mary Merryman, curator. They slide over the arm and plop into the seat, and some sit on the wide arms.

To ensure that the arms was sturdy enough for this behavior, we created a modification in keeping with the spirit of the design. Metal braces were made to support the paddle-arms, and painted in a bright red, detail shown left. Precedence shows metal parts are brightly painted in historic Mason Monterey, so we chose to paint ours bright red.

The historic Old Wood finish was scuffed and a top coat of Old Wood was applied..

Above, after structural treatment, left and after the first coats of Old Wood, right
Below, Mason Monterey Old Wood Paddle-Arm and Ottoman after treatment.