Institutional Clients

MPF Conservation works for many institutions in the Western United States, and this page is an introduction to three categories of institutions: National, Regional, and local House Museums. We have never worked for a private corporate institution.

Crater Lake Centennial Quilt, right.

Above, State of Oregon Legislative Building, Hahn House, Oregon Caves,
and Washington State flag. Below right, Crater lake Superintendent’s Home.

We divided our institutions into National, Regional, and House Museum clients. Each will have a link, below.

We are updating this page; please excuse our missing links!

Our National Institutions:

Our Regional institutions:

Our House Museum institutions:

Institutional clients usually have the broadest range of objects, and for that we are grateful.

Above: Campbell House; Crater Lake’s Superintendent’s Home, Imperial Collection;
Tualatin Historical Society Quilt; Echo Church; Hearst Castle; and Gordon House.

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