Oregon Caves National Monument NPS

MPF Conservation conserved and/or restored two dozen pieces of Mason Monterey furniture which were bought for the Chateau at the Oregon Caves National Monument, part of the National Park Service system. This page discusses our initial process for choosing pieces.

Our initial task was to work with the curator, Mary Merryman, to prioritize which pieces should be sent into a Museum Collection and which pieces should be restored for use on the floor. 

The criteria for the Museum Collection was pieces had little need for restoration. They were closer to mint condition, so were shining examples of the historic Mason line. Much of the work necessary was cleaning and occasionally sewing original upholstery.

It took three days to prioritize and catalogue the Mason Monterey collection. Mason Monterey pieces were found in use both in the Chateau lobby and individual lodging rooms, but were also stored in attic spaces, shown top left.

Pieces with intact original finish and/or intact upholstery were set aside for the Museum Collection. These were conserved using strict museum protocol.

Everything else became slated for the Chateau’s usable collection dubbed the Chateau Collection; these pieces needed extensive restoration, whether paint, woodworking or upholstery or all of the above.

All items were stored in a air-controlled storage facility while awaiting conservation and restoration.

Where possible, we also chose two or more items of a like kind, such as with the A-Frame chairs, right, which allowed for an economy while working on several at once. Again, MPFC and Mary Merryman designated at least one as a Museum Collection items, with the others becoming part of the Chateau Collection.

On this site, we have divided the collection into the Museum Collection and the Chateau Collection. Within those two areas, the pages that follow show treatment processes:

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Meno and Mitchell discussing the Smokey Maple and Old Wood
Mason Monterey A-Frames delivered after treatment.