Crater Lake National Park

MPF Conservation treated many objects for Crater Lake NP. This page serves as a jumping off point to visit many projects.

The first is the historic Superintendent’s residence, shown in a historic image right, which was turned into the Crater Lake Science & Learning Center. The Science and Learning Center is intended to house visiting scientists who are studying the natural phenomena at Crater Lake upstairs; these visiting scientists may interact with each other in the common areas, which are the kitchen, dining room, library and living room downstairs.

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Douglas Brinkley February 13 2020 Photo by Shawn MillerLibrary of Congress from Wikimedia

If you do not know historian Douglas Brinkley, this is an excellent time to learn about him. We rarely plug authors, but Brinkley has entertained and informed us with so many excellent narratives!

Brinkley has written an excellent book on Theodore Roosevelt’s creation of the National Parks. Roosevelt set aside 230 million acres of wilderness between 1901 and 1909, and Crater Lake was part of that effort.

The Wilderness Warrior: Theodore Roosevelt and the Crusade for America” (link for book is to Amazon), or listen to it on Audible with an excellent narrator.

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