Mason Monterey Delivery Day

The employees chipped in to carry the A-frames and other lighter items onto the floor, above.
Mitchell talking to employees about how to care for the pieces, left.

Delivery day was exciting not only for us, but for the many employees who dropped by as we were unloading. Many NPS employees see the restored furniture as theirs and take pride in the National Park. Indeed, they are the ones that will be caring for the collection!

While a care sheet is included, we like to take the time to discuss one-on-one with those that will be responsible for vacuuming, flipping upholstery seats, plumping the cushions, etc.

Superintendent Vicki Snitzler and John Roth, Resource Specialist, join employees around the table, sitting on the new A-Frame Chairs, image #1 below.

We placed the Smokey Maple and Old Wood A-Frames around a long Mason Monterey table, last image above and bottom. The colorful chairs went around a smaller Mason Monterey table, image #2 above and right.

Mary Merryman, Curator, sits askew in the now reinforced Paddle-arm, above, demonstrating how many lounging visitors actually sit on the Paddle-arm.

We’d love to have the opportunity to work on the other floor items so they will be properly restored and preserved for future generations.