Custom Designed Furniture

MPF Conservation (aka MPFC) is a full-service antique restoration company located in Portland Oregon, however, we also create custom furniture.

MPFC is asked to create custom furniture for a variety of reasons. Sometimes a particular form is needed, such as the tete-a-tete shown this page. Sometimes a particular size is needed for a room. Custom allows objects do double duty, such as an ottoman housing extra storage, shown right.

Often, however, custom designs are also created for the joy of a unique and beautiful piece of furniture, such as the chair on wheels shown with Mitchell, below, or the Couch-in-the-Woods.

On our various pages, when an object is custom designed, we will indicate custom designed and built projects.

Custom Built Long Chenille Sofa, “Couch in the woods”, circa 2001

Our clients were tall and wanted a single long down sofa seat for their mountain top home. The long single down sofa seat caused the need for a custom design piece.


  • The frame was six quarter Eastern hard maple frame, with double-doweled and corner blocked joinery
  • Coil-spring base was built with ®Ultracell and cotton-batting fillers over jute webbing and canvas foundations
  • Goose down channeled seat cushion
  • Pre-washed chenille showcover

They were looking for comfort, utility, style and serviceability; we delivered! In the most unusual manner, delivery in deep snow up a steep mountain in Southern Oregon!

American Lawson Style Tête-à-tête

MPFC custom built this tête-à-tête in 1979 for a patron with eclectic tastes; her home mixed modern styles with antiques and treasures from her travels. She wanted a piece where people could curl in and sit facing each other. Mitchell reupholstered it in 1995, above.

We also create custom pillows and cushions (including for built-ins, such as the second image below), and specialty drapes, examples shown below.

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To understand how to care for these and many objects, read the article below:

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