CRLA NP: Superintendent’s Residence Design

In another life Kate Powell was an architectural designer for corporations, and designed many corporate interiors. Mitchell Powell designed many interiors projects in his career. When the NPS needed an assist to pull the Crater Lake Science and Learning Center together, we were happy to do it.

The NPS budget was modest, requiring careful consideration. We spent most of the money on draperies and then began to shop frugally.

Mitchell created the striped lined draperies which pulled the entire color palette together, shown left and in many images, and we chose wrought iron drapery rods and rings to compliment the strapping on the Imperial Collection.

Large throw rugs were purchased to scatter throughout, and several were made into huge sitting pillows to be used around the fireplace and as extra seating on the floor, shown top left. A couple even made their way onto the table tops as runners.

Leftover leather, and samples brought in for the project were made into throw pillows and lumbar pillows for the sofa and chairs. Many of our clues for the historic fabrics were discovered by looking inside the old cushions, below and left. Some of the old cushion fabric was scavenged to create smaller throw pillows!

Many other objects were needed to make the Superintendent’s Residence livable for the visiting scientists, who cannot go out and grab dinner easily in the park.

Fiestaware (shown in the hutch, right) was a sturdy, colorful, modern and yet historic throwback choice for the dishes, and easily replaced if broken.

Acrylic blankets in appropriate patterns were bought, which were washable and yet warm for chilly nights, shown stacked on a short bench seat top left.

Several items, such as vases, were bought at second hand stores locally for pennies!

We set the rooms up initially, and after we left pictures were hung and a bit of rearranging was done by the national park staff.

For details on these items, visit the Superintendent’s Imperial Furniture Collection.

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