Campbell House: Library

MPF Conservation assessed several items in the the Amasa B. Campbell House (hereafter referred to as the “Campbell House”), a lovely museum in Spokane Washington, over two days; this page covers the Library.

Right, a American Second Empire Greek Revival sofa from the 19th century.

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A set of 8 drapes, 3 valences, and 4 pairs of tiebacks hang in the library.

The drapes are made of dark green silk velour fabric with rust-red suede leather decorative borders and metallic thread stitching.

The drapes and valences are lined with ivory polished cotton and interlined with a layer of grey flannel. It is unclear if the lining is original to the drapes, or a replacement.

One set of drapes hang on a southern facing window which receives significant light during the summer and heat from the radiating heater below the window during the winter. The windows have UV filters and the blinds are only partially raised during open hours, which helps mitigate fading and rot.

The other drapes are hung on the north and west walls and have little direct sunlight due to a covered porch on the exterior of the house.

The embraces (tiebacks) are in poor condition. It appears they have been repaired in the past and the repairs are damaged or loose, as well as the original elements. The functional loops to anchor the embrace are also fraying.

These should be repaired before they can no longer be repaired.

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