CRLA NP Superintendent’s Residence

The Crater Lake Science & Learning Center is located in the original Superintendent’s house at Crater Lake NP (CRLA). It is intended to house visiting scientists who are studying the natural phenomena at Crater Lake upstairs in bedrooms. The visiting scientists may interact with each other in the common areas, which are the Kitchen, Dining Room, Library and Living Room downstairs.

The original Imperial furnishings are intact in the house. They were purchased in the early 1930’s from Montgomery Ward in Portland, Oregon.

Three dozen pieces of original Imperial furnishings from the Superintendent’s collection were to be conserved by MPF Conservation. We were to:

  • Conserve damaged and degraded wooden frames using traditional woodworking methods;
  • Recreate or restore degraded upholstery;
  • Identify the original materials and techniques; and
  • Impliment our understanding of the materials into restoration of the badly damaged and/or failing historic surfaces.

Right, Mitchell with Brian Petrowski and Adam Blankinship.

While we were conserving the original imperial line, another firm was creating many stacking twin bed sets for the upstairs as part of their graduate project from the Oregon College of Art and Craft; these were replicating (with modifications) the historic Imperial twin beds located in the rooms upstairs.

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