Patriotic Jumper Horse, Jantzen Beach Carousel, 2

MPF Conservation assessed the Jantzen Beach Carousel in 2018, and subsequently treated two horses and several decorative objects from the carousel.

This is page two on the carousel restoration treatment of “White Patriotic Corn Jumper XL” (hereafter called Patriotic) from the Jantzen Beach Carousel.

Note: Throughout MPFC may switch from flash to non-flash images,
because we are trying to show the best image of the treatment.
Videos to recap the processes are located at the bottom of this page, and on Vimeo.

Belly Split

Patriotic had the beginning of a serious belly split which could endanger the viability of her whole body, shown right. It appeared to be emanating from the mounting plates bore holes and the mounting rod mortise, which put additional tension on the original planking glue joins.

As we’ve seen elsewhere, moisture penetration from poor upkeep of the painted surface, exposure of the substrate to elements, chemical stripping and the excessive tension from the mounting rod and lag screws combined to make failure imminent.

Mitchell turned Patriotic upside down to work on the belly split, below.

Above, the order of the reparation of installation of the keylocks:

  1. Keylocks were marked across the belly;
  2. The keylock mortise were excavated;
  3. The steel plate was loosened, and the screws were removed.
  4. The holes filled with hard dowels, and the screws reinstalled into the restored body;
  5. Warm hide glue coupled with gap-filling agents were placed on both the keyock mortise and the keylock;
  6. The keylocks were inserted and allowed to cure overnight.
  7. The keylocks were leveled using a Japanese saw;
  8. The keylocks were shaped to the belly using various carving tools.
  9. Finally, below, the keylocks secured in the now strong belly.

Video discussing the Belly, above.

Note: We have dozens of videos on Patriotic’s restorative processes on Vimeo; feel free to browse!

Left, the finished
Belly Split, repaired!

Rump Split

A simpler version of a keylock repair was performed on the rump to stop a crack from becoming a split, shown above and completed, left.

In the process a chunk of the body fell away, an indication of a crack in the structure missed during the 1995 restoration. This gave us confirmation of what we suspected and saw on websites, that the entire horse was a series of blocks connected and carved to form the horse.

We have dozens of videos on Patriotic’s restorative
processes on Vimeo; click to browse!

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