Restoring Antique Wooden Objects

MPF Conservation specializes in antique furniture restoration, furniture repair, antique upholstered furniture, traditional woodworking; this page discusses Wooden objects, which includes metal and marble topped items. Objects might be finished with shellac or might be polychrome (oil paint, lacquer, or jappan paints).

Most have no upholstery at all, but some have needlepoint padded seat or leather additions, as in the rockers or the commode.

Mitchell is a member of the AIC (American Institute of Conservation) and the Preservation Artisans Guild

They can be found below:

More wooden objects may be located in our Mid-Century Modern pages, such as the Ant Table and Chairs by Arne Jacobsen. Berkey and Gay (has its own page) and has many wooden object.

Sometimes wooden objects need Cushions or Pillows; refer to these pages for information on toppers.

Note about caring for your wooden objects, whether they are painted or shellacked, a very good article: