Oregon Caves NM Chateau Collection

MPF Conservation conserved and/or restored two dozen pieces of Mason Monterey furniture which were bought for the Chateau at the Oregon Caves National Monument (NPS).

This page is for the items that were returned for use on the floor of the Chateau of the Oregon Caves NM. MPFC and Merry Merryman, Curator (shown left on Delivery Day) made these determinations during the initial assessment at the Oregon Caves NM.

Pieces with intact original finish or intact upholstery were set aside for the Museum Collection, shown above. These were conserved using strict museum protocol.

Everything else became part of the Chateau’s usable collection.

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Right, two upholstered Mason Monterey Wingback Chairs are an excellent example of these differences: The one on the right (Old Wood) has original upholstery and was conserved and restored to go into the Museum Collection, while the one on the left (Smoke Maple) was damaged with poor upholstery, and so was fully restored with a new showcover, is in the Chateau Collection.

Both are presented on pages noted above.

The Smokey Maple Ruffled Peplum Mason Monterey Ladder-back Chair also had a chair sent to the Museum Collection, right, and one sent back to the Chateau floor, or Chateau Collection, left. We named these “peplum” after the flounce that ringed the seat fabric, shown in all the images.

The Mason Monterey Old Wood Paddlearm and Ottoman were treated for use on the Chateau Collection.

One Straw Yellow Woven Strapping Mason Monterey Chair, above, was sent to the Museum Collection, but the Mason Monterey Spanish Green Woven Strapping Chair, above, and Mason Monterey Polychrome Slung Chair, below, were restored for use on the floor of the Chateau Collection.

Two original Mason Monterey Wood Boxes, one Straw Yellow, left, and one Smokey Maple, right, once graced the fireplace in the Chateau, shown below. At our urging these unusual specimens were moved to the Museum Collection. We reproduced one for the Chateau floor in Smokey Ivory, so there is a replica woodbox next to the fireplace at this time.