CRLA NP: Superintendent’s Dining Room

MPF Conservation designed the Superintendent’s Dining Room in the Crater Lake Science & Learning Center in conjunction with NPS staff. It is a large sunny room open to the living room.

In the dining room we have the following pieces: a library desk underneath the large window that faces the front of the house, overlooking the slope below, shown right.

MPFC also designed the draperies that Mitchell Powell is opening; note the wrought iron drapery rods and rings.

The Prohibition Bar appears, from the outside, to be a normal mahogany hutch, shown left behind Mitchell and Brian Petrowski, and in the images below. However, there is a hidden switch that pops up a central back set of shelves which held bottles of alcohol when it was illegal. Yes, it still works!

The table has leaves which slip beneath the table’s surface and pull out on long telescoping loafers to make it larger, shown above and below. Benches sit on both sides of the table, but many chairs are available for more people to join the seating when the table is fully opened.

Another amazing piece is the corner hutch, shown above right filled with colorful Fiestaware MPFC purchased for the dining area. Hooks on the front of the hutch may once have been used to hang game, but in modern times drying herbs are a more likely subject.

The small square topped table in the corner in the above left image above began as a bedside table, but the original pieces are scattered throughout as side tables.

For details on these items, visit the Superintendent’s Imperial Furniture Collection.

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