Doe Memorial Library Hardware

MPF Conservation is a full-service company specializing in conservation, restoration and preservation of furnishings of upholstered and non-upholstered objects, textiles and interior architectural elements; this page features the hardware for the Doe Memorial Library Leather Doors from the University of California, Berkeley, which is mostly brass.

Right, one of the original door closers!

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From the page on the Doe Memorial Library Leather Doors: “The details of the Doe doors reflect the design of the Arts and Crafts Movement particular to California ca. 1910. John Galen Howard + staff’s visual blending of classical Italian with the Arts and Crafts could have resulted in an architectural cacophony, yet it resulted in the opposite. Early in the Doe’s history these design elements sprang forth with distinction. Brasses were warm and bright. Metal flashings and decorative elements were polished and stood out, drawing the eye toward the door surrounds.”

It is our belief that the restoration of these rooms historical presence would be complete if these metals were conserved and restored to their original finish, and pay homage to the design philosophy, historical intent, and courage of the designer of the library and those who approved the incorporation of these elements.

Door handles and door plates, which lock.

Door stops and kick plates.

Door knobs, some of which have the Russwin stamp on them, shown in the second image.

MPFC explored various ways to color brass decorative nails, above, with the intention of discovering a perfect match for the original nails, weathered.