Tapestry / Woven Items

MPF Conservation restores, conserves and preserves all types of textiles in their studio in Portland Oregon, this page discusses tapestry and woven items.

A small modern hanging textile
we repaired and cleaned, right.

Before, left, and after, right and top image.

French Art Deco Tapestry circa 1900

The Art Deco Tapestry was cherished by our clients. It had been previously repaired, possibly several times by different people. New rips/tears and other areas needed treatment in order to be stable enough to hang. Approximately eighty areas of repair were identified.

Where there were previous repairs, these were inspected, often disassembled, and repaired properly, example shown below. Broken warp yarns were infilled by the recreation of warp with matching thread which anchored into the historic tapestry. Weft losses were then infilled using matching yarns; repairs were hand-stitched.

Tattered fringe on the edges was left as is, unless a simple repair was needed. Terminating edges were stabilized to prevent future unraveling of historic yarns.

The piece was carefully cleaned before returning to our clients for them to hang in their historic Portland home.

Slideshow of a Previous Poor Repair Correctly Treated, above.

Below, details of the beautiful textile after treatment; click on thumbnails to see entire image!

Before, left, and after right.

Two Family Tapestries from La France Jacquard Pictures circa 1910

Our clients were gifted with family tapestries from the turn of the century. Unfortunately, when La France Jacquard Pictures initially framed them, they did not put the tapestries under glass, which allowed them to accumulate a century of grime.

We hand-washed the tapestries to remove the grey-green grime buildup, then blocked them for framing. Our clients decided to place them in new frames under glass, however, we cleaned and touched up the historic frames which are part of the tapestries’ history, shown below in images before treatment.

Two other tapestry installations are located in Institutional locations.
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