State Of Washington Legislative / Justice Buildings

MPF Conservation has assessed, restored, and conserved furnishings of upholstered and non-upholstered objects, textiles and interior architectural elements for the State Of Washington Legislative Campus. This page discusses many of those objects.

Especially in government-owned properties, assessments are important in helping curatorial staff choose projects and set budgets.

We are updating this page; please excuse our mess!

A second page discusses our participation in repairing damages done to Walls and Ceiling (and a few pieces of furniture such as the sentimental shelving unit above) in the Senate offices after a flood from a broken pipe. Click here to visit that page.

Two projects revolved around the beautiful Reception Room, above:

Table circa ??

The large table was gifted to the State by the architectural company.


Replication of the State of Washington Historic Flag circa ??

The historic flag needed to be conserved, and perhaps stored away from light in a secure location. MPFC was hired to replicate the flag.

The fist stages of this were to document the historic flag, above.

Once this was completed, we began to replicate the flag. The project was stalled for a bit, then resurrected by the DAR. Thankfully all of the groundwork with the original flag had been completed; you can see our narrative on the replication under Banners in the Textiles section!

Below, much more information on the process, below.


Replication and Restoration of Draperies

MPFC performed an assessment of the current draperies and offered an estimate for reparation and/or new draperies.


We assessed repairing or reupholstering the beautiful leather doors in the Senate Hall, above.

There was also discussion about the wooden doors below which should be properly shellacked. The detail of the plates is lovely.

The Legislative Building and the Justice Building are both beautiful. Above, a few images of some of the beauty! If you have the chance, you should visit, as there are many parts fo the building that are open to the public.

Below, we never worked on or in this building, but had to show you the beauty of the old State Capitol located in Sylvester park!