Yeh Fei Pai Calligraphy

Yeh Fei Pai is a calligrapher and artist from Northern California. He came to Ashland Oregon one summer to teach at Southern Oregon University as a visiting calligrapher.

Yeh Fei Pai, right, working on
one of the Dupioni silk blanks.

Yeh Fei Pai worked with MPF Conservation to create silk pillows for his hosts in Ashland as a thank you. It was a fun event resulting in lovely pillows.

Blue shot Dupioni silk from Sunsilks was taken to the Southern Oregon University class where he painted various symbols on the silk. Above, he is painting “Long Life” onto the silk that Mitchell had blocked for him.

Yeh Fei Pai (1950-Present) was born in Taiwan. His calligraphy paintings blend calligraphic strokes with modern art principles to create unusual compositions for his Celestial Horses, for which is most famous (see below). His horses and landscapes are the personification of the emotional mind. His son is in the video below, Eric Kevin Yeh (1984-present).

Below, images of the silk created into pillows for our client.

He was interviewed for the Jacksonville Review, below.

Yeh Fei Pai and his son, Kevin, painting to classical music, created a unique mural demonstrating the distinctive splash ink brush painting style. The event took place before a live audience February 8th, 2014 in Jacksonville, Oregon at the SOCCA Chinese New Year Celebration. You can hear him tell stories of the 8 Celestial Horses, and of the inspiring Yellow Mountains which are added as the background scene.

Note: If anyone knows who filmed this video please contact us so we can give proper credit. We found it on YouTube with this notation: “Amateur video, respectfully submitted on YouTube, not for profit”