Earth-Based Pigments and Dyes

MPF Conservation is a full-service company specializing in conservation, restoration and preservation of furnishings of upholstered and non-upholstered objects, textiles and interior architectural elements in the Western United States; this page discusses earth-based pigments and dyes.

The Italian Satinwood Renaissance Drawer Cabinet, shown right.

Earth-based pigments usually come in fine powders, as in the Kremer pigments shown left, though sometimes they can be delivered in dyes.

Sinopia’s Brazilwood Extract was used to match the new supports for the CCC Table (page under construction). They were added to an oil varnish for the legs and supports, though the table top was a shellac varnish.

We used Kremer’s earth pigments to bring color to the repairs and finish on the Italian Satinwood Renaissance Drawer Cabinet, shown above.

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