Some clients have met our studio cats; they prefer to be called Catservators. They are well paid employees who do a lot of traveling!

They are well-trained, and on Wednesdays line up for their groomings, including nail trimmings.

They know the rules:

  • They have the run of the woodworking room and office;
  • They are only allowed in the upholstery studio when our clients have cats AND
  • only up to the time when the second stuffings go on.
  • No kitty treats in the studio.

They do not know the existence of the finish studio nor the textile studio.

They are our armchair philosophers.

Things they know for certain, and like to remind us of this whenever the opportunity arises:

  • That most cats are intrinsically better humans than people.
  • That the human mind is like tofu; it takes on the flavor of any “sauce” in which it is marinated.
  • That creating and applying traditional wood finishes are more similar to the creation of confection than the practice of wood craft, though it does not taste as good.
  • That when logic and feeling collide, feeling always wins… if you are smart.
  • Tennyson actually claimed, “Truth embodied in a tail is an effective way to become that which you observe.
  • True wisdom is found in one’s surrender to the awareness “cats know everything”.