Campbell House: Game Room

MPF Conservation assessed several items in the the Amasa B. Campbell House (hereafter referred to as the “Campbell House”), a lovely museum in Spokane Washington, over two days; this page covers the Game Room.

The Game Room is a mix of Moroccan and Turkish Revival.

Located in the basement, one can imagine with a roaring fire in the fireplace the room would be cozy for playing games and relaxing, even if snow covered the windows, which it does!

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Game room circa 1900

Rumor has it that this was the one masculine room in an otherwise feminine interior, meant as a haven for Amasa B. Campbell.

The colorful walls and ceiling are stenciled; coupled with the ornate Moroccan lighting the room feels to be in a far-off country, not the middle of Washington State!

A built-in sofa covered in sculpted green mohair tucks into a corner, and the rest of the room is filled with game tables and decorative chairs, shown below.

A deer head adorns the mantle.

Note the safe hidden in a closet below: “National Safe and Locke Co.” out of Cleveland, Ohio!

The lamps are spectacular!

Below and right, details of the upholstered walls. A printed polished burlap adorns the bottom half of the walls, while the top half is embellished with a stenciled motif. The lower half has several areas where the burlap is worn completely through.

Note the detail of the painted beading along the top of the trim pieces on both window and wall.

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