Upholstery Restoration

MPF Conservation specializes in conserving antique and Modern upholstered objects in their studio in Portland Oregon; this page is an overview of the restoration and preservation processes.

Below is a list of examples of upholstered items in this category. Some lightly upholstered chairs (seat only, as in Dining and Side Chairs or Stools) are found under Wooden Objects. Textiles are found in another section.

Objects have a variation of the following performed on them during upholstery conservation. They are:

  • Excavated down to the frame
  • All innards are cleaned and set aside if they can be reused
  • Frames are disassembled and joints repaired and reglued
  • Tacking margins are filled with hardwood pins
  • Historic varnish is amended with several coats of pure matching shellac and rubbed to patina
  • Seats are traditionally upholstered and built-up with historic or other appropriate fibers
  • A clean cotton batting topper is applied
  • A muslin undercover encases the upholstery
  • New showcover

For the sake of brevity, we will only publish the differences in this list for each item shown under “Details”. Frames are often not completely disassembled due to issues in the frame or it is not necessary.

To see the many other objects we restore, visit our home page.

To understand how to care for these and many objects, read the article below:

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