McLoughlin House: Burled Slope Desk

MPF Conservation conserved several objects for the McLoughlin House in Oregon City, Oregon (which is part of the Fort Vancouver NM); this page documents the Burled Slope Desk.

It was not part of the McLoughlin Family Legacy, but as a generous gift to the McLoughlin House from an Oregon family. It has its own historical background (dated circa 1800) included the Oregon Trail, the Civil War, and stories from Oregon city in the Early 20th Century. Many papers came with the desk, and these are part of its history and importance.

The Slope Desk before Treatment, above. It came to us with its innards in disarray, and bits of ephemera (newspaper clippings, hand-written lists, etc.) intact. MPF Conservation puzzled out the various parts and repaired any necessary parts before reassembly.

Veneer was missing, as well as the metal escutcheons (which were never found). Leather was torn, the leather spine was broken.

Our scope of work was to repair the spine and torn bits, and to clean and preserve the historic finish. It did not include veneer replacement nor the escutcheons replacement. To that end, we made the Slope Desk presentable by infilling the areas of missing veneer with a coating of shellac, above.

Below, the Slope Desk ready for presentation at the McLoughlin House.

Items MPFC treated as of this date from the McLoughlin home are:

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