Overstuffed Chairs

MPF Conservation restores, conserves and preserves all types of chairs in their studio in Portland Oregon; this page shows overstuffed chairs.

Double-Love Chair and Ottoman circa 1995, right. The Double-Love was custom built (to mimic a chaise) for two people to snuggle into comfortably!

In most cases, the overstuffed chairs (and possibly footstools) below had a variation of the following performed on them. For the sake of brevity, we will only publish the differences in this list, under “Details”. Frames are often not completely disassembled due to issues in the frame or it is not necessary.

  • Excavated down to the frame
  • Cleaned all innards and set aside if they can be reused
  • Frame disassembled and joints repaired and reglued
  • Tacking margins filled with hardwood pins (see image below right)
  • Historic varnish was amended with several coats of pure shellac and rubbed to patina
  • Seat was traditionally upholstered and built-up with historic or appropriate fibers
  • Cotton batting topper
  • Muslin undercover encased entire chair
  • New showcover

Note: In most instances frames are returned to their historic finish, however, occasionally clients want something a bit different, such as the severely damaged rocker shown above right, which had a pearly white painted finish applied over a barrier coat to protect the damaged shellac.

All the items below are created with cleaning in mind. Hidden zippers with interior muslin tickings make it easy to remove the decorative covers and take them to a good dry cleaners. Leather cushions are fitted with a fabric back panel to allow air to escape when they are sat or rested upon.

Art Deco Chair circa 1930 with custom built Hassock to match, 2001


  • Spring-filled cushions with historic and new hair and cotton batting surround was uncased in muslin
  • Hassock built with interior storage. Cover lifts.
  • Matching lumbar support added later.
  • Showcover is dense cotton velvet from Kravet and contrasting tapestry from Beacon Hill

Pair of Morrison Chairs, circa 1880


  • Spring-filled cushions with historic and new hair
  • Showcover from Beacon Hill

Colby and Sons Chair, Chicago, USA, circa 1870

This chair was created in Chicago in just prior to the “Great Fire” 1871 which destroyed much of Chicago, including the Colby & Sons factory warehouse and manufacturing plant.


  • A new spring-filled cushion was built
  • Showcover was intended to be a departure from the traditional tapestry coverings, by Osbourne & Little

Herter Bros. American Second Empire Ratcheting-Back circa 1880


  • The original bi-folding footrest was missing and no prototype could be found for replication.
  • Showcover is a cotton velvet from Lee Jofa and decorative woven tape by Houlès

American Barrel Wingback circa 1920

Details: Showcover is by Stroheim & Romann; Trim is Houlès.

English Tub-back Wingback Chair circa 1900

Details: Showcover is a densely piled velvet from JAB fabrics with twisted ropebraid from Houlès.

American “Fat Classic” circa 1920

The Depression Era sofa had lived in the family for three generations. The choice to place a different fabric on the one side of the spring-filled cushions was original to the piece, shown in the fourth image above.


  • Down cored spring filled cushions restored
  • The peitipoint tapestry showcover is from Highland Court created a contrast on one side of the cushions to continue with the historic design intent
  • The floral showcover is by Kravet

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Two Amsterdam Art Deco Chairs circa 1930

A family piece built in Amsterdam and sailed across the Atlantic!

Details: Panne silk velvet from S.Harris

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Two Art Deco Egyptian Revival Chairs circa 1930

Two family chairs built in Amsterdam and sailed across the Atlantic!


  • MPFC did an additional crowning of the elements to accentuate the chenille trapunto showcover
  • Showcover is a rooster floral pattern trapunto by Dogwood Fabrics
  • Silk Velvet showcover is from Jab Fabrics

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American Wingback circa 1900

Large wingback had taken abuse in a home where the owners bred large dogs.

Details: Showcover is from

They also had us create beautiful slipcovers for the wingbacks, shown in the Slipcovers page (an example shown left).

Overview slideshow, above.

French Planter’s Crapaud Chair circa 1860


  • The inside back was returned to its original diamond tufted design
  • Wheels are porcelain
  • Mahogany solids base
  • Persimmon hand-carved decorative arm and fronts
  • Showcover is a sculpted shot silk/rayon velvet by Stroheim & Romann

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American Lawson Chair circa 1940

These twin settee, chair and footstool were family pieces from the late Depression Era. The tulip poplar frames were badly damaged from improper upholsterings requiring significant replacements, especially the seat apron rails.

Details: The showcover is a heavy cotton tapestry from Beacon Hill.

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Mason Monterey Club Chair, circa 1930


  • Spring-filled cushions with historic and new hair and cotton batting
  • Leather by Napa Leather
  • Tapestry is a revived heirloom by Schumacher which was not available to George Mason, though it is a tapestry Mason might have chosen.

For more information on this conservation, visit our blog:

American “Fat Classic” Chair circa 1920


  • Painted damaged frame as per client request
  • As per the historic design, MPFC created spring-filled cushion cores with hair and cotton batting surrounds
  • Showcover is a shot chenille from Highland Court

It has a matching sofa, not shown.

Two Chairs On Lifesaver-style Wheels, circa 2007

Mitchell designed and constructed these chairs to incorporate both modern and traditional aesthetics. Specialized contoured slipcovers allowed for serviceability and a playful ambiance.


  • Six-quarter double-doweled maple frame
  • Springbase
  • Cotton and Latex arms and back
  • Packet down cushions with pincore latex cores
  • Muslin undercovers
  • Italian “Lifesaver” front casters
  • Fabrics from Kravet

Ballerina’s Chair and Ottoman, circa 2001

Custom built for an Ashland ballerina based loosely on a Shakespeare Festival prop chair she loved, shown right.


  • Six-quarter double-doweled maple frame
  • Hand-tied coil springbase
  • Layered horsehair and pincore latex core stuffings
  • Packet down cushions with pincore latex cores
  • Muslin undercovers
  • Showcover supplied by Lee Jofa
  • Bullion fringe from Houlès

From left to right:

  • Lawson Chair and Ottoman circa 1930
  • “Mr. Tooth” Chair, American, circa 1940
    In both, the frames were restored and repaired, and the original finish conserved. Buildup restored, and new showcover added.
  • Custom Built Chair and Ottoman circa 1995. Pull-up waxed leather to look very western for a ranch client.