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Most reports are password secured; if you would like permission to print or own a copy of a report, contact us.

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Wooden Objects + Traditional Finishes

Mitchell Powell CCC Bench Crater Lake NPSWe repair broken parts, veneers, damaged finishes, marbletops and missing metalwork (ormalu) in a manner that allows you to retain the value of your piece.

Click on an area of interest or read more about our techniques below on portfolio pages. We offer a free one hour assessment toward the restoration of your item: Contact Kate for an appointment via email or call 503-970-2509 / 541-531-2383.

Mitchell Powell reparation polychrome statueOur work is performed in keeping with conservation principles:

For more information on our conservation services visit click here.


We offer a free one hour assessment in your home or office
toward the restoration of your antique, contact us for an appointment.

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