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Upholstered Dining Chairs + Benches

Victorian Balloon BackThis page features upholstered dining chairs + benches.

Many upholsterers do not appreciate the importance of comfort in dining chairs, and rip the guts out of old chairs and install inexpensive foam which flattens within a few years.1950's Banquette

MPFC will make your older chairs so comfortable that you can sit for hours in them!

Loving the kitchens from the arts and crafts and mid-century movements, we have assisted in restoring historic kitchen banquettes!


Darkwing Manor's Gothic Revival Chair Ca. 1860

Darkwing Manor's set of four Italian beech wood chairs were crafted in a Renaissance Revival Gothic style. They had their original finish and internals intact, but had been reupholstered once. MPFC removed the original stuffings and cleaned and recarded and repaired the reusable materials. We conserved the frame joints and tack holes. We cleaned, polished and waxed the original varnish. Hair pods were restitched to historical accuracy, and the chairs were rewebbed and springs retied. It was under covered in new muslin, and upholstered in a document reproduction velvet from its period. Before, left, and after treatment, center and right.


McLoughlin House Victorian Balloon-Back Chairs Ca. 1833

McLoughlin Balloon-Back ChairMcLoughlin Balloon-Back ChairMPFC conserved two dozen dining chairs for the McLoughlin House. Half of the chairs were associated with either Dr. John McLoughlin or Dr. Fraser Tolmie. The chairs have three distinctive styles, though all show that they are hand-crafted, as there are slight variances in each chair of a given set. Show covers were black or variegated gray horsehair, or wool needlepoint in two floral patterns. Sample resumes of three of the chairs are below: MCLOUGHLIN CHAIR 402 RESUME
Horsehair show cover with an elaborate inside back splat and an unusual leg. Provenance dating the chairs was found under the chairs: a sample is shown below.
McLoughlin Balloon-Back ChairVictorian Balloon-Back ChairMcLoughlin Balloon-Back Chair
McLoughlin Balloon-Back Chair

The needlepoint chairs are not associated with McLoughlin/Tolmie, but were donated via family or local donors, and matched the McLoughlin/Tolmie chair styles.
For more information on the McLoughlin House in Oregon City, click here.


Six “Lenox Shops Furniture” Dining Chairs: Four Painted Splats

Lenox Shop ChairLenox Shops ChairLenox Shop ChairThe dining chairs were a family heirloom handed down from her grandmother, with second generation fabric on the seat and backs. Two of the painted splats had some serious scratches, the other two had small scratches. One armchair had a serious break in the frame. MPFC repaired the breaks (we found another), restored the painted splats over a barrier of MSA varnish, cleaned the buildup materials and restored the seat and inside backs on the upholstered arm chairs, and reupholstered the chairs. One of our prettiest projects! Upholstered armchairs below; painted splat chair restoration this page. Before, left, and after, right.
Lenox Shop ChairLenox Shop ChairLenox ChairLenoc Chair


American Oak Baroque Revival Chair Ca. 1880

Baroque Revival ChairBaroque Revival ChairBaroque Revival ChairThis Louis XIII style family piece had been given to our client with broken back stiles. She came to us before they broke completely, which saved the stiles from shattering. The stiles and seat turnings were precision bored in a drill press.Long hard-wood dowels were fashioned and glued into the bore holes. A specialty drill jig was constructed to hold the back and seat level during precision drilling to repair, and during gluing and clamping. Cosmetic infill was performed, the chair was cleaned and waxed. The Strié cotton velvet was cleaned and blocked.


Four American Balloon Back Chairs +
Two Cameo Back Chairs Ca. 1860

Cameo BackBalloon Back ChairsA family ranch in Oregon had a set of fine dining chairs used daily; our job
was to clean the needlepoint seats and back the grandmother had created;
conserve the seats and backs; repair the frames as necessary; conserve and repair
the finish; and finally, to create slipcovers to keep the needlepoint seats clean
from ranch hands coming in to sit and eat lunch. Before, left, and after treatment, center and right. Balloon Backs, below, and Cameo Backs, above.
Balloon BacksBalloon Back ChairsBalloon Back Chairs


Pillow Toppers for a Vintage Balinese Dining Set

VINTAGE BALINESE TABLE CHAIR PILLOWVINTAGE BALINESE DINING SETClients for whom we conserved several historic pieces also had a wonderful Balinese set which sat uncomfortably due to their scale. We created a wonderful system of pillow toppers which adapted to varying family heights, and a tailored cushion seat for both bench and chairs.

Vintage Balinese Dining Set Vintage Balinese Dining Set


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