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Treatment: What To Expect

MITCHELL POWELLThe activity of conservation of historic objects including the preservation of modern period classics includes techniques, processes, and materials now necessarily found in the restoration of contemporary finishes, upholstery or fabrics. Some techniques and materials used are from century's past which take time to perform and in the instance of resin varnishes take additional time to cure.

We do our best during the assessment phase to see the problematic areas or issues within a given object and offer an estimate toward reparation or stabilization, however, there are also hidden aspects or undercover work in our business.

In upholstery, there may be hidden complications under the upholstery that are shown only during excavation. Cracked or split frames, failed connections or fatigued joinery are common unseen issues. Fortunately these are rarely expensive additions to a conservation project; the do, however, often push out the delivery date.

ARTS CRAFTS BUFFETFinish issues usually do not generally result in added expenses, but can greatly add to the length of time it takes to finish the project, especially in the Pacific Northwest, where ambient moisture is high and changes rapidly. In bedroom furniture, the most common complication is when perfume had become embedded in a shellac finish, which is unseen and can change the curing time and cause additional work.

The bottom line: relinquish your object to the time it takes to do the job correctly. Usually we are on time with projects, but when complications arise, we are committed to doing the job right and not rushing curing times. We communicate with our clients when we anticipate potential delays or changes in the estimate before proceeding. Communicate with your conservator if you have a deadline; be prepared to put the treatment off if you need to have the object back for that all-important wedding party.


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