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Tables + Clocks

table legBROKEN LEGThis page is dedicated to wood tables + clocks, whether painted/polychrome,or traditionally finished with resin varnishes, or topped with marble. Using conservation methods, we repair everything: small breaks, shattered legs, create leaves, and finish failures.

For more information on our basic approach to conservation and restorative treatments, go back to our opening page on Wooden Objects.


Arne Jacobsen Teak Drop Leaf Table Ca. 1955

Arne Jacobsen Teak Drop Leaf Table Ca. 1955Arne Jacobsen Teak Drop Leaf Table Ca. 1955Our client bought this table in NYC with her husband when they were newly married, along with Jacobsen's Ant Chairs. Upon moving to Portland, she inadvertently laid a wet potted plant on the table, spurring its need for treatment. Several other spots, stains and scratches were scattered around the surface, and we also conserved the top's loose hinges. The original finish was cleaned and treated, and is intact. The water damage to the top would only have been completely removed with refinishing, but we were able to move the grain enough to mitigate its visual impact while saving the original finish, thus holding the value of the table. Notice how the spot can only be seen from certain angles? This is due to the change in the grain pattern.
Arne Jacobsen Teak Drop Leaf Table Ca. 1955Arne Jacobsen Teak Drop Leaf Table Ca. 1955Arne Jacobsen Teak Drop Leaf Table Ca. 1955
Before Treatment, After Cleaning, and after Finish Treatment, above.
After Treatment, below.
Arne Jacobsen Teak Drop Leaf Table Ca. 1955
Arne Jacobsen Teak Drop Leaf Table Ca. 1955Arne Jacobsen Teak Drop Leaf Table Ca. 1955Arne Jacobsen Teak Drop Leaf Table Ca. 1955


American Oak Arts & Crafts Table Ca. 1900

American Oak Arts & Crafts TableAmerican Oak Arts & Crafts TableThis family table has seen a great deal of family good times! Along with the Greek Revival Buffet behind the table, shown after treatment below, the pieces saw holiday dinners, canning projects, and children's glitter craft parties. American-made of quarter-sawn red oak with a Greek Revival base, it was in need of veneer reparation and finish work. The leaves were nicked with many veneer losses along the edges. We replaced missing veneer, repaired edbges and deep scratches, and finished the table using a compatible varnish. American Arts & Crafts Resume coming soon.
American Oak Arts & Crafts Table leavesAmerican Oak Arts & Crafts Table leaves
Leaves before, left, and right, after.
After images below.
American Oak Arts & Crafts Table
Arts and Crafts TableAmerican Oak Arts & Crafts Table CARVED HEART


Kentucky Cherrywood Gateleg Pembroke Table Ca. 1820

Gateleg Pembroke TableThis Kentucky table began its life with a smaller table top. The original top was made of cherry sapwood, and was made with small knots intact and unusual tangential grain. Imperfections of this sort are more typical of country folk furnishings. However, the original craftsmanship exhibits sophistication of technique and intent toward perfection. During the early 20th century the table top boards were separated at their joins and other additional boards from cherry heartwood and possibly from another table were joined to the original table to enlarge the top. The table top had structural failures as well as problems with the leg joinery, gate hinge and apron joinery. MPFC disassembled the table, cleaned joins, reglued joinery, repaired the gate hinge and repaired the apron joinery. All surfaces were thoroughly cleaned, pounced, and rubbed; the finish was then waxed and polished. Gateleg Pembroke Table after treatment, top right. Before, below: note the warped tabletop, left, the broken leg, center, and the finish problems.
Gateleg Pembroke TableGateleg Pembroke TableGateleg Pembroke Table
Gateleg Pembroke TableGateleg Pembroke Table
Abrasive pounced, left, and mineral oil laid onto the table top, above right.
Rubbing begins, center left, and wiping excess off, center right.
Waxing, bottom left, and polishing, bottom right.
Gateleg Pembroke TableGateleg Pembroke TableGateleg Pembroke TableGateleg Pembroke Table


Marston & Quina Arts & Crafts Family Table Ca. 1900

Marston & Quina Pensacola FloridaThis family table has lived in many climates, from Florida to NYC to California to Oregon, all of which has contributed to some of the problems in the structure. YABLE LEGSWhile technically Arts & Crafts, it possesses influences of Victorian Bavarian style within its legs. Conditional issues included: damaged loafer guides, table top underside riddled with large screw holes (some of which went through the top), pest infestation which undermined the leg supports, delaminating and abraded veneer, and damaged wood substrata, and damaged finish. shellac MPFC thoroughly inspected holes from pests for current pest infestation (and found none), replicated guides and leg supports, filled all holes to stabilize existing wood structure, repaired delaminating veneers, and repaired and preserved the finish. In addition, we preserved the label so no further damage could occur. RESUME COMING SOON.
Arts and Crafts TableVictorian Table
Before, above, and after treatment, below.


Buck's County Tilt-top Table Ca. 1750

Buck's County Tilt-top TableBuck's County Tilt-top TableA family heirloom, this Bucks County Pennsylvania piece circa 1750 was
passed down through the generations. It came to us with several cracks in the
base and a cracked top. The finish was compromised. Our goal was to repair all compromised areas; assess previous repairs (but not necessarily "fix" them);
clean, repair (where necessary), and preserve the original finish. We offer the full
Buck's County Tilt-top TableBuck's County Tilt-top Table
Before, above, and after treatment, below
Buck's County Tilt-top TableBuck's County Tilt-top Table


American Gateleg Pembroke Cherrywood Table Ca. 1810

Pembroke TableThis Pembroke table had severe condition issues from delaminating joins on the table leaf to loose leg and apron joinery. The hinge bores were undermined. The varnish was original but had a modern over coating. MPFC reglued the failed join; disassembled the leg and apron joinery and cleaned the joints,Pembroke Table then reglued with hide glue; and conserved the screw holes so the hinges were properly secured. The modern varnish overcoat was removed to the greatest degree possible without damaging the undercoat of historical pigment and varnish. The table received a proper top coat of shellac varnish, then was waxed and rubbed to a beautiful historically accurate patina.


Mid-Century American Danish-style Table Ca. 1950

Danish TableThis Connecticut table was created in the 1950's out of cherry solids in a modern Danish-style. The finish was original, nicely patinated, but scratched and imprinted with white heat and water marks. The original oil-based varnish was agreeable to polishing. The top was repeatedly pounced with fine rottenstone and rubbed with cork and felt pads and mineral oil until the fine scratches and white blemishes disappeared. The slurry was thoroughly cleaned from the surface and the top was waxed with our hard carnauba wax and polished. Before, below, and after treatment, above right.
Danish Tabledanish table


Dad's Clock Ca. 1930

CLOCKClockOur client's father had made this clock in his shop class in Texas as a young man in he 1930's. It was a sentimental item, and when his mother died the clock was sent to him from Texas to Oregon. The movers wrapped it in rolled plastic wrap and the wrap embedded itself into the shellac on the long drive and Striéd the finish as shown below. Deep streaks of "wrap" marks were everywhere on the clock, created a moiré pattern. A few structural repairs were made prior to the process of amalgamation, infill, and a top coat. Understand when viewing these images, his father applied a very thick shellac on the wood. We worked with that thick coat.
Above, before treatment, left, and after treatment, right.
Before, above, and after treatment, below.

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