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Sofas + Loveseats + Recamiers

This page features our Sofas, Loveseats and Recamiers -- or sets of sofa and chairs together. For information on how we conserve internal original components and finishes, go back to Upholstered objects.


American Southern Antebellum Walnut Sofa Ca 1840 in Greek Revival Style

American Southern Antebellum Walnut SofaAmerican Southern Antebellum Walnut Sofa
American Southern Antebellum Walnut SofaAmerican Southern Antebellum Walnut SofaThis family owned piece began its life in the south, and lived through hurricanes, delta floods, and the Civil War. It was hand-carved of Southern Yellow Pine. The frame had become pithy with water damage. MPFC conserved, and in some places, rebuilt the frame, constructing a prosthetic in order to ensure the original frame could withstand the stress of the ties. The sofa was not symmetrical in either the frame nor buildup. Most of the original buildup was able to be salvaged, and the inside back was restored to its original design with the buttons in their proper places.
Before, left side, after, right side.
American Southern Antebellum Walnut SofaAmerican Southern Antebellum Walnut Sofa
American Southern Antebellum Walnut SofaAmerican Southern Antebellum Walnut Sofa
American Southern Antebellum Walnut SofaAmerican Southern Antebellum Walnut Sofa


Chippendale Camelback Loveseat

Chippendale Camelback LoveseatChippendale Camelback LoveseatA family heirloom loveseat's conservation was a holiday gift! The loveseat had shattered areas within the frame, of which the right-facing arm was easily seen, left. Original innards were conserved; shattered frame areas were rebuilt, and the new show cover was a beautiful wool embroidery on cotton velvet, a Williamsburg document. RESUME COMING SOON!
Chippendale Camelback LoveseatChippendale Camelback Loveseat


Two American Lawson Love Seats + Lawson Chair Ca. 1925

©MPF Conservation
nailscrushed frameFamily heirlooms, these two American made Lawson Loveseats + a Lawson Chair went through a treatment that was both preservation and restorative. It appeared a leg was askew during assessment, but until we excavated the upholstery we could
not see the extensive damage to the frames.
An inexperienced upholsterer used long nails and several reupholsterings had undermined the wood strata until it crushed from the weight. We replaced several frame parts and repaired frame areas where possible before buildup. Jute webbing was replaced as well as several inappropriate and failing springs. Most of the stuffings were cleaned and reused; additional materials added as needed. The show cover is a folk pattern of cotton brocaded crewel.
Lawson ChairLawson Chair
Before and after treatment.
Lawson Loveseat
Lawson Loveseat


"French" Deco Sofa Ca. 1930

French Deco SofaThe sofa is a family heirloom built in Amsterdam.
The family thought it was built in France. We excavated and conserved the sofa: repaired the frame, cleaned and reused innards where possible. The fabric is a beautiful and appropriately showy green and gold mattlasse. Our client asked us to accentuate the cartoon shape of the pieces. We created arm Slipcovers for this piece, shown right. FRENCH DECO SOFA RESUME
French Deco sofaFrench Deco chiars
Before, above, and after treatment, below.MPF Conservation French Deco sofaMPF Conservation French Deco Chairs

French Deco Chairs+ Two "French" Deco Chairs Ca. 1930

These two identical chairs were matching family heirlooms to the sofa, above, brought from Amsterdam. The pieces were excavated, frames repaired, innards cleaned and reutilized where possible, and then they were reupholstered in a stunning deep green shiny velvet fit for a movie star! TWO FRENCH GREEN DECO CHAIRS


Turkish Revival Revival American Fat Classic Ca. 1925

GRANDPA'S FIRST SIT(Yes, twice "Revival".) Family pitched in to properly restore a family heirloom; and Grandpa was able to again sit comfortably on the sofa he grew up on ! MPFC restored their upholstered item with ties and stitches and other details replicated accurately, care was taken with the old frame, and the materials stayed appropriate to the era. The buildup on this piece will be good for another 75 years. We offered our client a mini-process report: DMSOFA TREATMENT REPORT
Fat Classic SofaTurkish Revivial Sofa
Before, above, and After Treatment, Below
Fat Classic Sofafat classic sofa
Turkish Revival SofaFat Classic Sofa


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