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DECO SOFA SLIPDECO CHAIR SLIPSlipcovers are functional items that help preserve upholstered pieces. Upholstered items need to be slipped for a variety of reasons, whether for private or institutional clientele, and for many of the same reasons:

DECO SlipcoverMPFC creates appropriate slipcovers for these purposes. This page, the Deco sofa has a slip to keep cats from ruining the top of the wide arms. The slip was created to mimic the line of the Deco Sofa, and attaches at the back of the sofa to stay put.


detail slipcoversdetail slipcoversWingback Slipcovers

A pair of wingbacks were slipped for summer after the chairs were conserved to protect the new show covers from the dogs, which our clients raised.
wingback slipcoverwingback slipcover
wingback slipcoverswingback slipcovers


Balloon Back Slipcovers

Below, a set of Victorian Balloon backs on a Southern Oregon ranch needed
protection as they are often sat on by field hands. The cowboy slips easily come
off to be washed and dried, then placed back on. They protect the original
tapestry seats, which are in excellent condition.

Slipcover Victorian Parlor ChairSLIPRANCH SLIPS


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