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Most reports are password secured; if you would like permission to print or own a copy of a report, contact us.

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Conservation + Restoration Services

ASSESSMENTOften clients don't think their object "conservation worthy." Our goal is to take the mystery out of proper restoration and provide you with the best service possible.

MPF Conservation (MPFC) serves both historical institutions and private clientele with utmost discretion, in accordance with the AIC's Code of Ethics. Our services range from performing conservation treatment on objects, to assessments of facilities and collections, to collection care.

HEARST FLEMISH SOFAMPFC provides the following services. For more information click on the page below:

To learn more about what to expect regarding treatment, click here.
For specific Treatment information, visit examples of our Case Studies:


We offer a free one hour assessment in your home or office
toward the restoration of your antique, contact us for an appointment.

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