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First Wave Mason Monterey Collection was Delivered to the Oregon Caves NM!

Mason Monterey returns to the Oregon Caves ChateauOctober 13th the first wave of conserved furniture was delivered to the Oregon Caves NM, and most was installed at the Chateau for use by visiting guests.

MPFC was thrilled by the enthusiasm of the employees who came to help move the pieces into the Chateau, and guests who wandered into the lobby as the pieces were being unwrapped from their delivery blankets. So often what we do is not shared with many people, and delivered quietly with no one but the curator around to accept the pieces!


MPFC has a long-standing tradition of taking images of what we call "First Sit" when pieces are able to be sat upon; in this case, Mary Merryman, Curator, had the "first sit" in the Wingback, proving the sturdiness of the reparation modification (which you can read about as we post our reports), left.

Right and below, the whole group gathered to have the honor of the "first sit" on the Smokey Maple and Old Wood A-Frames. Vicki Snitzler, Superintendent, and John Roth, Chief Resource Officer, with other Oregon Caves and Chateau staff, right. Bottom, John Roth and Mary Merryman, along with Reception, Head Chef, Security, and other staffers.


Menno Kraai, Chateau Manager, and Mitchell share a handshake above left, as Mitchell hands off the secret to caring for the Mason furniture. The Smokey Maple and Old Wood A-Frames sitting around a table that will be conserved at a future date, above right.

Mitchell (shown left and below) and Kate spoke to interested people about the conservation in an impromptu demo in the lobby, and from time to time turned pieces over to show staffers details they can share with visitors, as well as tricks to upkeep. It was an honor to be able to share what we did with the NPS staff!


The Smokey Maple Wingback Paddle-arm with its new hemp and jute show cover, above left, and the Old Wood Wingback and Ottoman in red leather (with a non-traditional pillow), are installed in the lobby. Below, multicolored A-Frames around a library table.

Staff was surprised and pleased at the bright colors we found embedded in the chairs; everyone had their favorites.

A Spanish Green Woven Chair and the biggest surprise, the polychrome Ball-Turned Cutout Leather chair. After staffers learned how we found clues to the brilliant color in the repainted stripped pieces, a quick hunt on non-conserved and restored chairs turned up several others which are also going to be multi-colored after proper restoration. Everyone imagined what the lobby in the trees would look like when all the furniture was restored to its original brilliance!


Mason Horseshoe-back Monterey Chair

Note: We are interested in obtaining broken down Mason Monterey (or other brands in the genre, such as Del Rey or Coronado) to repair and possibly restore.

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Mason Horseshoe-back Monterey Chair


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