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Mason Monterey Furniture at the Oregon Caves NM

Mason Monterey Horseshoe-back ChairsMPFC was privileged to conserve and restore two dozen pieces of original Mason Monterey Furniture which was bought for the Chateau, (an example shown right in the Chateau in 2006.)

We have divided the collection into three parts, with additional pages on various processes and showings:

Brief History

Mason Monterey Horseshoe BackThe furniture in the Chateau was designed and built by Frank Mason, who founded the Mason Manufacturing Company of Los Angeles in 1919, primarily as a lamp manufacturing company. "Monterey" furniture was born in the 1920's, growing out of the Hollywood design studios. The style is derived from Spanish and Dutch Colonial, Pennsylvania Dutch, California Mission architecture and furnishings, cowboy accoutrements such as might even be found in a barn (lariats and branding irons), and simple ranch furnishings.

Origianlly the line was marketed by the Barker Brothers, but eventually the lines was also marketed by various departments stors across the country. The Chateau purchased the line through Meier & Frank in Portland.

Everyone says Mason used Oregon alder in the construction, however, we have found many different woods used in the original line.

Mason A-Frame ChairMason Woven Seat Monterey ChairSome publications give the impression that the Mason company used a half dozen colors in their finishes, but our research shows they were inventive and experimental and the line of colors was much larger, and many variations existed from batch to batch. An example of this is the green color shown right in an A-Frame chair, which we are calling “Chateau Green.” It is a variation on Spanish Green, which is also seen in the Chateau, shown on the woven leather ladderback, right. The base color of the "Chateau Green" is much lighter and quite blue, so it presents itself as a minty green, as opposed to the olive tones of Spanish Green. Robert Gamblin donated his time and industry to calibrating many of the colors on several original pieces of Monterey furniture.

Mason MontereyMany of the pieces were damaged in the flood of 1964, when a warm rain melted the ice pack and water poured through the Chateau, sending the A-Frames (right) and many other pieces through teh windows and into the gulley below, breaking them and and stripping them of their finish. Most of these very damaged pieces were restored using conservation principles, to be used again in the Chateau after treatment.

Mason Monterey FurnitureUnusual pieces with original finish or original upholstery were conserved using strict museum protocol, and will be stored in the Monument's Museum Collection. We will differentiate these pieces as Museum Collection pieces, and they are shown below. (The Chateau Green chair on the left, above right, was restored to be reused in the Chateau, the right chair has its original finish and will be returned to the Museum Collection. in the image on the lower right, this paragraph, the right hand chair has its original upholstery, whiel the left-hand chair is reupholstered to go back into use on the floor.)

Note: We are interested in obtaining broken down Mason Monterey (or other brands in the genre, such as Del Rey or Coronado) to repair and possibly restore.

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original aframe design


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