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Most reports are password secured; if you would like permission to print or own a copy of a report, contact us.

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Other Services

Research & Writing

We are available to write articles for public or private institutional publications on pieces we are treating or any number of topics relating to furniture history and conservation. We will gladly research any object for our clients.

During treatments, we are available to write public updates or informative articles for the institution.


We are available to give informal talks or lectures or interactive sessions on a variety of topics. Some common themes:

Call us to schedule an event!

Fund Raising

Funding for projects is commonly a challenge. As conservators who are passionate about objects being cared for, and who also have expertise with marketing in the arts fields, we are willing to assist with fundraising. We are willing to give talks or short seminars on conserving items, or how to care for items, or write articles for your institution's newsletter.


We offer a free one hour assessment in your home or office
toward the restoration of your antique, contact us for an appointment.

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