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Most reports are password secured; if you would like permission to print or own a copy of a report, contact us.

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Conservation Documentation typically includes all or some of the following, depending upon budgetary considerations, client or project needs, and whether treatment was performed.

We also create various educational documents, most often used for websites, for viewing in an exhibit, or for funding. Examples of these are Informal Updates, which many use to augment their newsletters, and slide shows.

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Treatment Report

NOTESThe Treatment Report is generated while the item is being treated. It is a compilation of procedural notes and photographs, turned into a report on the treatment process. These are critical for future conservation efforts, in order that another conservator understands what materials and methods were utilized in the current treatment. The report also becomes part of the provenance of an item, and should be kept with the item for future generations, as discoveries about a piece will be included in a Treatment Report.

Conservation Documentation can be detailed or general, from a few pages to a hundred pages. Simpler packages we call resume reports (many found on this site); detailed treatment reports with all photographic images and detailed treatment process descriptions, of which two simpler reports are shown here. For more complete or extensive reports, contact us for examples.


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