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Authentication versus Appraisals

MPF Conservation (MPFC) does not appraise items. We consider it an ethical conflict of interest for anyone involved in the field of conservation, restoration, or repair of objects to offer financial appraisals. We can assist in the process of appraisal by authenticating an item, which is to say we may be able to tell our clients a great deal about their piece, but cannot offer values.

nps mitchell powellAuthentication means examining and documenting the various qualities that may tell us the age of the item: the quality of the wood, details of construction, patination of the finish, type of carving, etc. Images can be taken, and these can assist an appraiser, especially long distance, in making there value judgments.

We cannot recommend appraisers as they should be specific to the items and to the area in which you live, but can give you some suggestions about finding a knowledgeable and competent appraiser.

The Oregonian published an excellent article by Julie Sullivan on a Appraiser and dealer in Portland, and we offer it as an example of what can happen with unscrupulous dealers.



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